Close Protection Services

Richards & Black is a North Carolina headquartered close protection services consultancy with worldwide experience in difficult and hostile environments. We are focused on mitigating security risks and improving security controls for clients requiring the utmost confidentiality. Specializing in close protection through advanced planning, reconnaissance, risk analysis and assessment, we offer bespoke solutions and services to multi national enterprises, individuals and government entities.

Richards & Black works with clients to understand their wants, needs and requirements. We structure relevant and discreet solutions tailored to the individual situation. We accept and understand that not all clients are alike, and not all individual threats and risks are the same. We are flexible, adaptable and experienced in dealing with complex requirements from initial contact to execution. Our reach and experience ensures efficient service that instils the confidence and peace of mind of our clients - mitigating risk through unparalleled advance work and preparation.

Our team is made up of seasoned and skilled officers and agents who have passed rigorous screening, accreditation and selection criteria. With extensive experience in high threat environments within corporate, private and government environments, we are well placed and suited to fulfill the requirements of any entity or individual requiring our unique skill sets.